3 comments on “Day 4 – Whitehorse (475km) – Back to Civilization

  1. Ty, your bike issues sound eerily similar to our trip down to Mexico (although there were definitely a few less bear sightings). Hopefully the kinks are all worked out and it’s smooth sailing the rest of the trip. I’ve got more confidence in the BMW vs. the KLR so I’m sure things will be fine. As long as you don’t find yourself doubling on the back of another motorcycle late at night with your saddle bags strapped across your lap hoping for a town close by to put up for the night, it’s all good 😉

    I bet a beer never tasted so good!

  2. Wow Tyler! What an adventure with the bear! I laughed as I read your blog although it probably wasn’t so funny at the time! Glad to hear that the weather is good. It’s not so good here: rainy and cool! ave fun!


  3. Great pictures Tyler. Glad you finally have some warmer weather and clean clothes! That stew must have tasted AMAZING!! Can’t believe you were attempted to sleep in your gear! Awesome! Safe travels.

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